Overdosing on content

We live in a time of overabundance of information. The Web provides instant and free access to many great sources of information. Of course, it also provides access to sources which might not be so good, but let’s not go into that…

On any single day, I can read articles written by very intelligent and capable people and I don’t even have to go looking for them anymore. Sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter send links to these articles directly to my inbox, on an almost daily basis. Apps such as Flipboard or Zite aggregate and format articles to provide me with a great reading experience.

I’ve always loved reading. When I was a kid, I’d use most of the small allowance my parents gave me to purchase a couple of books each month. At that time, that seemed like plenty.

When I didn’t have a new book to read, I would go through my growing library and choose a book to read again. I must have read some of those books well over five times.

Looking back and comparing that experience with what we now have access to, I feel a bit dazed. It had never crossed my mind that one day I would have too much new content to read. Now I am buying books almost too fast to catch up reading.

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