3D Printing: Science fiction might just drive you out of business

Science fiction isn’t what it used to be anymore. What used to be science fiction is now part of our everyday lives and while most aspects of this change are positive, it could have a profound impact on many¬†businesses.

Over the past several years 3D printing technology has developed to the point where we can now start to see references to it in the news, regularly. When it was first developed it was, as is the case with most technologies, very expensive. This limited the use of the technology to very specific situations such as modeling and prototyping products which would later be manufactured through a more traditional process.

A few years back, however, the first “inexpensive” desktop 3D printers came out and spawned a whole community of enthusiasts. In addition, they started to nudge the imagination of entrepreneurs in the direction of wondering how the technology would evolve and which new businesses it could bring about. It is now possible for you to find a 3D model of your liking online and order a complete printed product to be delivered to your door. One company that is empowering this movement is called Shapeways. They are an online marketplace where 3D model creators can offer their designs and consumers can order. Shapeways will then 3D print these objects on demand and have them delivered directly to the customer. Continue reading 3D Printing: Science fiction might just drive you out of business