Starting anew…

Over the past several years I’ve started and dropped off several blogs.  Why?  There were several reasons, in fact.  Two of these stand out, however.

The first and foremost of these was that I was creating blogs which were focused on too narrow a subject.  This would lead me to conclude that a particular post of set of posts I wanted to write was not appropriate for a blog as it was ‘outside’  its subject matter.  The inescapable decision would then be to create a new blog which would cover said different subject.

A second reason was that I ‘listened’ too much to a couple of friends which would comment on how much I was focusing on a specific subject when the blog I was writing on wasn’t specifically targeted on that subject.  This was a really special consideration for me, as it seemed to signify that I might be alienating my readers.

The combination of these two led me to create several blogs and write several hundred posts distributed through all of them, but never be satisfied with what and how much I was writing.  So, I stopped.

I took some time off of writing in general.  No books, no blog posts, no nothing.  I read a lot and contemplated the question of writing.  What did I want to write about? In what format did I want to write?  Would I go back to writing blogs?  Which ones?  Would I go back to writing books?  Which ones?

Now, I’ve decided and I’m back.  I’ll be posting to a blog on this site, instead posting all over the place in several different blogs.  I’ll write about things which are of interest to me.  If they are of interest to you, you’re welcome to read my posts.  You are welcome to get in touch, as well, if you have any suggestions or comments on these subjects.

One thing you should not expect is to see any posts on this blog which are designed to attract viewers.  There will be no numbered lists and no sensationalist headings.

Here, all you’ll find are my opinions and comments on an assortment of subjects.  If you reading this, I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts.

Thank you, for your attention…